Weekly Whimps

I have decided to start a new post “Weekly Whimps” to quickly share what I’ve read or seen this week that really captured my attention or what I loved.I tend to take forever to make a collage or dedicate one item for an entire post,so here’s the low down..

1. I bought the beautiful Kinfolk Table 2 years ago and fell in love with the simplicity of it,now The Kinfolk Home will be available by the end of October.Can’t wait to order mine.I’ve had bad experiences with Exclusive Books here in SA, where do you order your books from?

2. Think Ruby would look cute in this Mini Rodini swimsuit

3. Dreaming of this couch from Pop & Scott

4. I’m all for sharing tv series.It’s always sad when a series ends or a season.I never watched Mad Men and decided to watch all the seasons in less than 2 months,it was Winter…Now we’re watching Narcos on Netflix and it’s badass as it’s exciting and a bit violent for me at times but I can’t stop watching it.Watch the trailer here:

5. I bought this beach towel in seaweed print from Weylandts, I love the print and the colour,70′s feel.

6. Vita Kin Dresses from Ukraine is the perfect bohemian dress.

7. Dreaming of a Michael Taylor painting,maybe next year.

8. I’ve mentioned before that we’re busy renovating our house,I feel like I’ve been saying that forever but really it’s a process.I’m planning on getting a Gregor Jenkins Table, summer dinner parties sorted.

9. I need a black swimsuit from Eres for the summer (as seen in the image above),as much as I love a black bikini,you can’t always have as much fun in the waves as a full piece,especially on a family beach in South Africa,it’s okay if you’re in Spain or somewhere exotic but let me tell you I’ve had some embarrassing moments especially in a white bikini,never again.

10. Dreaming of this sneakers from Puma,Rihanna collaborated with the brand,I would choose the oatmeal but apparantly they are going fast.

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