Jeanne Gaigher

This painting  is called The Swamp by Jeanne Gaigher and also my first big art purchase.She is an exciting young artist from Cape Town whose debut solo show Club is currently at Smith Studio.I’ve always admired art but I never attended exhibitions because of the stiff and pretentious environment.I love walking around a gallery when no one else is there and I don’t have to share my opinion.I grew up with a very artistic mother and my brother took art classes after school,I remember being envious of him when we dropped him off and he always came home with these crazy sculptures .Doing every single sport the school had to offer was a major priority for me at the time so I think I just felt uninformed.Luckily I got over myself and realised it’s not about that,art is personal and we all get drawn to a different beauty.Maybe some of you feel the same?I take my time decorating our house because I want to be in love with every piece otherwise I’ll just keep replacing things and that’s not what I want for our space.Our walls are white and I have a lot of wooden furniture so I’m excited to bring this colourful painting home.I want to become an art collector,sure I’ll take my time filling the house.

“When I paint I think of the etching workshops I attended at university. I apply paint layer upon layer – but not as systematic. Painting gives me freedom to weave together everything I want the audience to be part of. It can take on any shape. Without physically seeing the paint around me in a whole, my process feels transparent and non-existing. Paint ends up being my documentary film.”-Jeanne Gaigher



  1. Mariella says
    October 9, 2015   |   15:11 #

    Love this jen!!! I want one too :)


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