Kruger National Park

We went to Kruger National Park for the holidays and had the best time.I have loved the bush since I could remember and for me there’s nothing like it,I couldn’t wait to share it with Ruby.It wasn’t our first choice though,we planned on going to Greece in July,tickets were booked,travel insurance,accommodation ect but we couldn’t get Ruby’s visa in time because of the unabridged certificate issue.I’m glad they ¬†implemented this new law to prevent child trafficking,but I just wished the Greek Visa centre informed us in the first place,the amount of paperwork I had to do was exhausting. So I had to find a Plan B really quickly where Ruby doesn’t need to have a passport and immediately thought of Kruger as it was part of my best childhood memories.We flew to Johannesburg and rented a car,we had limit time and driving from Cape Town wasn’t an option.We stayed at Sirheni bushcamp for 3 nights which I highly recommend,there are only 15 chates.There are no restaurants or ¬†a shop and day visitors are not allowed,so it’s super private and quiet which was exactly what we wanted.The last 3 nights we stayed at Letaba which is a main camp.Our chalet was luckily right in front overlooking the river and most of the June holiday goers returned back home.When we found out about the Mug & Beans in the Kruger we were a bit disappointed cause one doesn’t really want the bush to go THAT commercial but I hardly cooked in Letaba and I didn’t complain.This was such a special holiday and all we needed was quality family time away from everyone else.We woke up early every morning,made strong coffee and went on game drives for hours.If you had to give me the option of Greece now I would choose the bush without a doubt.As we drove through the Kruger Gate my Canon camera broke,said “Error 1″ and since non of us are professional photographers,we couldn’t fix it.Luckily my Polaroid camera tagged along so here are a few of our holiday snaps.


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